ZOË is a New York-based actor, singer, writer and musician. She was born and raised in Singapore, appreciates you not asking her about chewing gum laws, and takes pride in being a lifelong big city (of different varieties) girl. 


If she had to pin a moment in her artist origin story where It All Began it would have to be when at age 11, she submitted a book she’d written for a school competition and did not win. When her classmates’ book won, was published and then staged as a short play, Zoe decided that being in the play was the only way to take back what was rightfully hers. She played a tree. 


Zoe spent many years as an orchestra kid, she plays the cello and once dabbled in the hand bells, and credits that for being the foundations of her love for music and performing.  


Her lifelong love for reading and writing started as a child, when she’d read her father’s old books he’d kept from when he was doing his undergrad in Literature. She then carried on the legacy by also being an English major at the National University of Singapore, with a film minor to boot. (Her mother is also an English teacher, it runs in the family.)


After working in the arts and editorial for a while, Zoe made the move to New York to pursue her studies in musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. 


Since being in New York, Zoe has worked with The Flea, Hangar Theatre, the National Asian Artists Project, Musical Theatre Factory, FairShakes Theater Co and Brooklyn Theatre Workshop. 


Zoe loves working on smart and honest stories, the opportunity to explore the world and self that acting brings, and is grateful for the opportunity to make art. 

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