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How can I book a class?

Head to the Lessons page to check out pricings and pick a lesson or lesson pack that suits you. Then, write to me via the Contact page or at to schedule your class.

When will classes take place?

am currently based in the USA and teach from 9am to 4pm EST on weekdays. This is subject to change, but rest assured students will be kept updated. Please make sure that these timings work for you before purchasing a class with me to avoid any disappointment. 

What platform will we use for classes?

All classes are online and will take place on Google Meet. You will be sent a meeting link once your class is confirmed. 

What do I need to prepare for my class?

Not much! Just make sure you have access to a stable internet connection, and a laptop or mobile device with a working microphone and audio system. Students are encouraged to use headphones and a good microphone, but it's by no means necessary. 

Can anybody take singing classes?

I teach singing classes for kids aged 8 and up, and all adults. You do not need any background or experience to take classes. I strongly believe that everyone can learn to sing, and that singing should be fun and freeing! 

I want to take lessons, but can't afford the fees!

I strongly believe in accessible arts education, and am open to sliding scale rates for school-going students and folks with extenuating circumstances (i.e. disability, chronic illness). Write to me and we can have a conversation about it!

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